Friday, August 29, 2014

Song of the Day: Peter Wolf - Nothing But the Wheel (2002)

Peter Wolf first came to fame as the singer of the J. Geils Band, but he's reinvented himself over the last 15ish years as a roots-rocking singer songwriter, and it's been a nice development. He reached his post Geils peak with his 2002 album, Sleepless, which is a strong contender for greatest album ever released by a pop artist over 50. This song features great backing vocals by Mick Jagger.

I was lucky enough to see Peter Wolf at a small venue in Ann Arbor, the Ark, just last week, and it was a truly wonderful show. It was one of those shows where the entire history of music just seemed to flow out of the narrative, with country, soul, rock, blues, jazz, and everything else all taking their turns to shine. In-between the songs Wolf told fun stories about his 45 year history in pop music, with Jagger, Merle Haggard, Dylan, Johnny Cash, Neko Case, Shelby Lynn, and several others taking key parts of the narrative. And that's what music ought to be to someone like Wolf- this ever flowing thing that keeps rewriting it's own story.

This was originally written and posted on Facebook on May 17, 2014

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